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Life, like an illusion can trick you into thinking that something is even when it isn’t. For years I believed I was on the road to success. I had a good job, a beautiful woman and I was supporting myself. So how did I end up in jail being charged with murder? Because when I realize what was wrong; it was too late to change the events that changed my life!!! Too often we don’t heed the warning signs nor do we question our belief system. Often times, I found myself laying blame or feeling justified in my reactions. You see, I never paid attention to how a situation developed, I only focused on if I was done wrong. And if I felt I was, I looked to get my revenge. It wasn’t until I looked in mirror and asked myself; “Who are you?” Did I realize I was the problem. That I was at the center of every negative situation I found myself in. That single moment is the core behind “It Works for Me”.

Understanding and applying these five (5) principals will not only help you shape your thinking, but it will change how you go about your day to day life. The moment I realized that I had control over my life through my Actions, Attitude and Behavior is the moment my life forever changed. The program is not about preventing problems from happening, it will however help you handle them more effectively and with a more favorable outcome.


“It Works for Me” allows for the person to begin the process of understanding how much control they actually have over their lives and its success or failure by doing the following;

  • Focusing on themselves, their Actions, Attitude and Behaviors and the role it plays in the situations they find themselves in.
  • Understanding their strengths and Weaknesses thus avoiding putting themselves in embarrassing situations or more importantly finding themselves being defensive because they feel they are being attacked.
  • Foster “Creative Thinking” and “Conflict Resolution” skills that will arm the individual with options.
  • Build self-esteem that will help the individual feel confident in his/her ability to handle any situation.
  • Using myself as an Example, “It Works for Me” allows for the individual to see 1st hand what can happen when you accept responsibility for your Actions, Attitude and Behavior.

The reality is that most of the individuals in the need of this type of program come from;

  1. A single parent home
  2. Low income or poor family environment
  3. A situation where they have to fend for themselves at an early age
  4. Very little or no support system

Is this circumstance the norm? Not always. Yet this is the situation you will find most inner city youth exposed to. “It Works for Me” is unique and different in that I’ve been where most of these young men are now and have had the same experiences.  I’ve battled low self-esteem and insecurity due to being abandoned at an early age.  I’ve overcome my incarceration due to my willingness to look at myself and how my actions, attitude and behaviors contributed to the situation. “It Works for Me” is designed to empowers it participants to recognize how much power and control they have over their lives and its destiny through their Actions, Attitude and Behaviors.

The Proposal

  1. Participant will take a pre/post assessment prior to the start and at the completion of the program
  2. Participants will be required to attend 3x’s a week for 2 hours each session for six (6) weeks
  3. Each participant will be required to complete course work including in class presentations and workshops
  4. The participants will be required to work together as a member of a team to complete assignments
  5. Participants are required to conduct themselves in a manner that is appropriate for a classroom setting

Materials/Activities Provided

  1. Worksheets are provided for each of the five (5) topics and supports the material being taught
  2. Outline of the course work of the course work will be provided prior to the start of the program so that participants can prepare accordingly
  3. Weekly incentives for good attendance and positive behavior
  4. Classroom presentations and workshops
  5. Opportunity to participate and visit different events around the city.
  6. Invited Guest offer words of encouragement and insight on how they overcame their struggles
  7. End of the program celebratory dinner with family members

On Feb 10, 2003 I was paroled from the Dept. of Corrections and have not looked back. I’ve had the opportunity to work as the Community Partnership Liaison for Mayor Nutter, 2008-16. I’ve worked with many Athlete’s, Entertainers, Movie Stars, Non Profits, Pro Teams, Business Owners as a Liaison to the community they were looking to engage as part of their efforts to support endeavors, introduce initiatives and create goodwill. And it all became possible when I took control of my life and accepted responsibility for my Actions, Attitude and Behavior.

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